What features would a translator want to see in a tool to check the quality of translations?

Let's say you have completed translating something. And you have a tool to tell you what are the possible errors in that! What features would you want in that tool?

Some features that would be useful in a translation-check tool:

- Spell Checkers and Grammar Checkers. I know they already exist in the Microsoft Office Pack, but it would be great if the tool had them anyway, particularly in various languages. It will allow not only the translator, but also the non-speaker of the language to quickly look over the translation.

- Terminology Manager. It would be good to have a sort of glossary that translators could create at the beginning at the translation and use to ensure consistency of terms. This is useful in making sure that some specific unique terms have not been translated in different ways, i.e. by using various synonyms. It could also be used in easily finding the translated word if the client has corrected into a more appropriate industry-related term.

- Translation Memory. This is a feature specific for a CAT Tool, but I think it could be beneficial to have it for your case as well. It is similar to the Terminology Manager that I mentioned above, but it implies a long-term memory of the specific terms. This is ideal to keep long-term consistency in translation, as you will have a vocabulary not only for a specific industry, but also for a specific company you are translating for. One can use it either during translation or after. For instance, the company can already have a Translation Memory and check if the key-terms are accurate without speaking the target language.

- A comfortable Text Aligner that can allow the translator see both the source and target text one next to another.

- A Search Engine for words, expressions or larger pieces of text.

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