New iPhone apps worth downloading: Moxtra, Travel Voice Translator Linguatec

Moxtra, a social content collaboration app, makes it easy to organize and share receipts, documents, photos, and more. Next up is Travel Voice Translator Linguatec, a voice translation app that supports up to 66 languages. Finally, no steering wheel is required for SlotZ Racer 2 HD, an iOS game highlighting the joys of toy slot car racing.

Moxtra - Your Binder, Share Selectively (Free)

What’s it about? Content sharing app Moxtra organizes all your content for selective sharing, whether it be for business or private use.

What’s cool? The app’s Binder feature allows you to organize content, like documents, pictures, receipts and more, according to different topics that you define, to help you stay organized. Then, if you want to share any of that with anyone else – a significant other, say, or a contractor – you can do that privately. It’s also possible to annotate your content with notes for others to see through Moxtra.

Who’s it for? If social collaboration sounds useful to you, along with organization, try Moxtra.

What’s it like? Evernote is great for sharing different notes and documents, and Huddle is designed specifically to help professionals collaborate and communicate.

Travel Voice Translator Linguatec ($0.99)

What’s it about? Linguatec’s Travel Voice Translator is exactly what it sounds like – a translator app that listens to your voice through your device’s microphone, then spits out text or audio in another language.

What’s cool? The newly re-released voice translator has had its performance amped up, making it capable of understanding more speech and doing a better job of translating. You set the language you want translated, and the output language, and the app does the rest. Then, you can set whether you want text output only or audio, and the app will speak the translation. Travel Voice Translator includes voice recognition support for 33 languages, and is capable of translating 66 different languages. It also has 38 languages supported with voice output.

Who’s it for? Travelers to foreign lands, Travel Voice Translator can help you understand and be understood when you don’t speak the language.

What’s it like? Try Google Translate for another voice translation option, and Word Lens for on-the-fly translations of signs using your device’s camera.


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