The first and only book that postulates a full scenario of how language evolved.

Sherman Bastarache is pleased to announce that his new book on language has been released this past April (2012). The title is Tilogos: A Treatise on the origins and Evolution of Language. Many well written books are available on the topic of language, but at best they leave the reader with the most difficult question unanswered. Tilogos answers the question of how man became endowed with our current form of speech, derived from our former mode of communication, namely our calls, cries, and other sounds. In this respect it is an original work of historical importance.

Tilogos has received two good reviews as well as one negative review so far. The author is more interested in the negative review--link listed beneath--as it sparks needed controversy! These reviews can be accesses on the authors' website at http://shermanbastarache.com/ where the review will be defended. It might be added that a delay in a press release was due to review delays. More reviews are in the works, and he is hoping for one or two more (honest) negative reviews to add to the much needed critiquing required of any new theory, so watch for them.

The author website does have a contact the author page and it is there for good reason. As mentioned on the webpage, the public are welcomed to place their thoughts on the topic of the book. It is in this spirit that he offers this contact information: any honest critique of the work will only make it better! New ideas deserve to be heard, critiqued, adjusted, and advanced, not just trashed. The book as a whole is one solid theory to contend with and the author welcomes critiques of the work as any theory must have the property of falsification, the standard of scientific theories.

Tilogos is available through the publisher iUniverse, as well as Amazon, Chapters.ca, Google, Barnes and Noble, and any other online book source universally. The book is available in eBook format, hard cover and paperback versions.

A book trailer advertisement on Readers Digest, iPad edition can be viewed on the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHisvO1uUw8&feature=share

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